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457 dene drive
kamloops, BC


Stone showroom, sales and masonry services located in Kamloops, BC specializing in manufactured stone and natural stone thin veneer, flagstone and natural stone landscape material. 

We Want You To Love What You Get

What to expect when you shop with us


We work hard to ensure your experience with us is top-notch. Below are a few key elements in our Customer Service philosophy that we do our best to follow when we work with you:


By far the most important element of any project. It's our responsibility to listen to what you want and provide honest, practical advice on what can be realistically accomplished within your time frame and budget. Clear, concise communication between you, your contractor and our team is essential to achieving the happy outcome we strive for at the end of each project. 

Product Knowledge: 

We want you to know what you're paying for. By providing visual resource material, product samples and install knowledge as often as we can, we do our best to prepare you for what the finished project will look like.

Choosing a stone is like choosing a paint colour; The finished look will have much more impact than the small sample, so it's important to use your imagination and embrace the unique characteristics of your product - especially with natural stone which can be somewhat unpredictable. 


So,  you've chosen your stone, we've done a home consultation and provided you with your price. Now, it's time to move forward with the install and set a date. This is where we exercise our communication skills and let you know that there are 5 other people ahead of you who are patiently waiting for us to start their projects.  

Planning ahead is key! We would love to book your date today and be there tomorrow, but it doesn't work that way. Our existing work schedule, stone availability, weather conditions (for exterior installs) and the size of your project are all factors that we try to consider when planning a realistic timeline for your job.

Trust us: We will do our best to juggle our schedule in an effort to try and accommodate your deadlines, however patience is key.